Spring and cleaning really shouldn’t go in the same sentence. Spring is so full of hope and color and light and….well…..actually, there should be a bit more light coming through those windows. But months of rain and, let’s face it—neglect—have left their mark. Grimy windows can sure take the shine out of spring. And I’ll bet that cleaning them ranks at the top of most people’s lists of distasteful jobs. But not me. I LOVE it! Why? Because my windows basically clean themselves. No, really. They do. Self-cleaning windows. And you can have them, too! All you need is a bottle of Mel’s Magic Window Wash.

Self-Cleaning Windows

Ok. So, I’m not really peddling my wares. I’m simply sharing my totally free recipe with you so that you, too, can have self-cleaning windows. Now, they’re not ENTIRELY self-cleaning. But what’s the worst part of cleaning windows? It’s not scrubbing the grime off. It’s polishing them to a streak-free shine. Depending on the level of grime, it could take a good 5 minutes per window. Not to mention the great arm workout you’re getting. On my 1970’s ranch house, I have a relatively modest 16 windows all on the ground floor. But in larger or more modern homes the number could be much higher, and ladders might be involved. We could be talking anywhere from 2-4 hours, possibly more. So what would you say if I told you just last week, my son cleaned all the outsides of my windows in about 20 minutes flat!

I love Pinterest for all the great tips I find to simplify the daily tasks of housekeeping. And this dilemma proved to be no different. Several recipes promise to deliver streak-free windows without any polishing. But the one ingredient they all agree on? Jet-Dry. Yeah, the stuff you put in the dishwasher to make your glasses shiny. Well, that makes sense, huh? I wanted to try them all, but I didn’t have all the ingredients. One of the recipes called for powdered dishwashing detergent, but since we use dishwashing tabs, I decided to try the recipe that called for liquid Dawn.

It was super simple. In a half-gallon of water, just mix a couple tablespoons of Jet-Dry and ¼ cup Dawn dishwashing detergent. I also wanted to add a couple tablespoons of rubbing alcohol to the mix since 1.) I use it in my indoor window cleaner and 2.) Miss Jillie from One Good Thing by Jillie had great success using it her outdoor recipe.

My husband was home the day we were washing the windows, and he started to explain to our son how to scrub it and squeegee them. But I stopped him and said I wanted to try this new cleaner that promised no polishing or squeegee-ing. I got the raised eyebrow, but he said, “Ok, whatever.” I know he was thinking we’d have to do it all over again.

The process was incredibly simple. The boy first hosed down the window. Then, dipping a sponge in the solution, he scrubbed all the grime off. Finally, he rinsed the cleaner off the window. That’s it. And then the moment of truth.

Self-cleaning windows after

I tell you what—I could not be happier with how beautiful my windows look and how little time we (um, my son) spent cleaning them! It really is almost like having self-cleaning windows! What could you do with an extra couple of hours this spring? A picnic with the kids? Starting a new flowerbed? Anything is better than polishing windows!

So. How is spring cleaning going for you? Do you have some tips for how to make it a bit easier? Leave me your best spring cleaning or window cleaning tip in the comments below.