About me and my blog.

Embrace the best. Hack the rest.

I’m not Martha Stewart. I’m not Dave Ramsey. I’m not Alton Brown or Joanna Gains. I love all these gurus, and I learn a lot from them. But I guess I’m more “Barefoot Contessa meets Bad Lip Reading”. What?! You haven’t heard of “Bad Lip Reading”? Well, if you promise to come right back, I’ll give you a little taste of their genius.

Hehe. So, anyways. In this blog, you will not find perfectionism. Instead, I hope to share some of the quick and easy ways I’ve found to deal with some of the more tedious aspects of homemaking. And I hope to inspire you to find your homemaking and family passions and devote more of yourself to these. You CAN do what IS important.

I won’t lie to you. It’s hard. You know how when you’re a senior in high school, and you get asked these questions like, “What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned?” or “What will you be doing in 10 years?” Well, I specifically remember one of those questions. “What will you be successful at?” And I arrogantly answered, “Whatever I decide to do.” Ahem. Yes, well. I’m glad God is gracious and has a sense of humor. But truly, I had no clue. I had always been good at whatever I did. I was smart, creative, and determined. I never really failed at anything.

Then I became a wife and mother. How hard could THAT be, right? Heh. Well, it’s been a challenge. Downright rough, at times. But I’ve learned that God doesn’t expect me to be perfect. He expects me to understand that I need Him.

So, if I can help you on your homemaking journey, I’ll be thrilled. But if I can help you understand your deep need for God’s spirit in your life, I’ll be eternally grateful.